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Procurement (QCF) Qualifications

A new suite of QCF Procurement qualifications from Levels 3 to 6 are now available which replace the "old" NVQs in Supply Chain Management (SCM).  These new qualifications have been developed in consultation with various stakeholders including the relevant Sector Skills Council (Skills for Logistics) and Awarding Organisations, ABC Awards and Gateway Qualifications (formerly OCN Eastern Region).

The new procurement qualifications (levels 3, 4, 5 & 6) have been accredited by Ofqual and demonstrate the application of knowledge and understanding in the workplace and provide a work based alternative instead of perhaps taking knowledge based exams only.  These qualifications have the support of major UK employers both in the Public and Private Sector and provide a significant amount of knowledge, understanding and skills development that underpins occupational competence in the Procurement and Supply Chain Sector.