Student Resource Centre

Stage 3 – Ongoing Assessment and Support

Students will receive workplace assessment, support and individual feedback by their assessor.  Each visit will be tailored specifically to the student’s requirements at that time and may be designed to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

a.   To carry out portfolio assessment and provide feedback on any assessment decisions.


b.    To conduct assessment by observation.


c.    To give general feedback, review progress to date, offer advice or mentor the student on any particular knowledge gap or training need they may have.


In between visits, the students will have the added flexibility to upload their work to Qube-portfolio for assessment. In addition to the benefit of speedier assessment decisions and feedback, this also means more time can be given to support, advice and mentoring during the scheduled one to one workplace visits by the assessor.

 We also recognise that ‘in between’ visits, it is essential that the student has a comprehensive toolkit of additional resources which they can use to help facilitate their progress through the qualification. As a result of our extensive experience delivering competence based qualifications and in response to feedback from our clients, we have developed an on-line Student Resource Centre featuring Qube-profiler, elearn2buy, Qube-toolbox, Qube-studentforum and  Qube-portfolio.  Password protected access to this area of the site is now a standard feature of the Qube work-based programme.

 The Student Resource Centre provides students and assessors with access to a central source of electronic tools, templates, exercises and case studies not to mention elearn2buy – our unique e-learning portal for the Procurement/Supply Chain Professional.  For further information on these keystone applications click on the Resources icon of our Home Page.