Student Resource Centre


Stage 2 – Induction and Assessment Planning

The induction is delivered in the form of a professional one to one discussion between the student and the assessor and provides a step by step guide to the assessment process and will include advice and guidance on for example the structure of the qualification, portfolio construction, who the key players are in the assessment and verification process etc, as well as to provide an introduction to the support resources offered by Qube.

 The assessor will discuss in detail the nominated units with the student, detailing how the units relate to them within the context of their job role. The assessor will then mutually agree with the student their individual Assessment Plan, clearly identifying key milestones for the completion of the units which make up their qualification. The Assessment Plan will also include:

 i.                     Evidence requirements

 ii.                   Sources of evidence

 iii.                  Method of assessment

 iv.                 Working arrangements

 v.                   Target timescales

Our Induction has been developed in such a way as to ensure the student has the best start possible to their qualification.