Student Resource Centre

Stage 1 – Competency Profiling and Evaluation

Each student will complete our tried and tested competency diagnostic tool, this will help establish a fundamental understanding of the student. This two part process involves completion of Qube-profiler - a multiple choice questionnaire which will look at key commercial and technical competencies – this is delivered online via our web based Assessment Centre.  There will then be a structured interview with the assessor and student which focuses on key behavioural competencies including evaluation of their job role/description and CV.

 All information is then evaluated to identify the following outcomes:

  •  Establish the student’s strengths and weaknesses across the supply chain process including benchmarking against national averages.
  • Common strengths and weaknesses across the department where there  are a number of students in the same organisation.
  •  Confirm the most appropriate level at which the student should commence their work-based programme.
  • Identify any special needs or requirements a student may have with respect to their work-based programme.
  •  Identify those units which best reflect the student's current and future job role and which feed into the organisation’s objectives for that student.

 The above information will be presented in report format to the student and/or their manager at the induction and assessment planning meeting.