Student Resource Centre


The final keystone application in our fully integrated delivery solution is Qube-Portfolio, an easy to use online assessment and portfolio building tool.  Qube-Portfolio replaces the traditional paper-based approach to delivery of competence based qualifications with the latest online ‘real time’ portfolio assessment solution. 

Qube-Portfolio’s strength is in its simplicity and ease of use, providing an intuitive, user-friendly and stimulating work environment, where students can securely upload and simultaneously deliver evidence to their Assessor, ensuring a seamless workflow between both parties. 

Integrated into the password protected Student Resource Centre, Qube students will also be provided with their own unique portfolio ID number, ensuring an extremely robust level of online security.  Furthermore, access to any portfolio by assessment or verification personnel is strictly controlled and monitored by Centre Administrators. 

Key Features

  1. Qube-Portfolio is accesible 24/7 from multiple locations via the Student Resource Centre
  2. Easy to follow navigation icons
  3. Easier cross-referencing of evidence against Learning Outcomes etc.
  4. Action planning - set tasks for learners, Assessors and Verifiers
  5. Audit trail and activity logs
  6. Facilitation of objective report writing

Key Benefits

  1. Time saving - more time devoted to assessment not paperwork
  2. No physical paper-based portfolio that can be forgotten or lost, your Qube-Portfolio will be stored on a high-speed Internet server
  3. Facilitates the use of diverse assessment methodologies
  4. Increased motivation and improved progress through to completion of the qualification
  5. No need to remove your portfoilo from the work place for verification, Qube Internal Verifiers will access directly online

We at Qube believe that the investment we have made, not only in Qube-Portfolio but also, the other value-add applications detailed elsewhere, provide our students with an unparalleled level of support currently available in the market today.