Student Resource Centre


At Qube Vocational Development Ltd we believe the cornerstone to effective Procurement/Supply Chain training is the establishment of clearly defined goals together with an understanding of the gap between existing competence and the required state.
Utilising the latest Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) technology we have developed Qube-Profiler, an on-line Formative Diagnostic Assessment Tool (F-DAT). Based on our Supply Chain Competency model Qube-Profiler forms the basis of our integrated approach to people development enabling us to both measure and benchmark a students underpinning knowledge with respect to task focussed competencies specific to their job role.

Although a standard feature of our programme, we can also utilise Qube-Profiler as part of an organisational training needs analysis, greatly reducing both cost and the logistical difficulties normally associated with ‘traditional’ assessment methodologies.
Qube-Profiler is the first application in our ‘multi-method’ approach to formative diagnostic assessment.


As a Qube student Qube-Profiler provides us with an ‘on-line assessment’ facility to help us establish an understanding of your ‘technical’ procurement awareness with respect to task focussed competencies and as such will form the basis of our Initial Competency Profiling Assessment
Qube-Profiler utilises ‘Scorable Application Forms’ each containing a number of multiple choice questions specific to an identified competency or module. Based upon the requirements of the student we can nominate up to 11 modules to be completed – each module takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete.
Following receipt of your course registration documentation we will issue you with your own unique log-in ID and password for our on-line assessment centre. The nominated modules can then be completed in one session or over a number of sessions – whichever you prefer! Upon completion of each module your answers are ‘autosaved.’


By utilising the latest Computer Assisted Assessment technology, Qube-Profiler provides the student with a number of advantages, not least;
  • Constant Access to Assessment: Qube-Profiler is available 24/7, meaning you can complete your assessment at a time and location of your own choice
  • Flexibility: You can complete all nominated modules in a single session or alternatively you can complete each module in a number of sessions to fit in with your day to day activities
  • Instant Feedback: Upon completion of all nominated modules you will automatically receive your results. These can then be evaluated alongside other relevant data to enable us to make an informed recommendation as to the most appropriate level of qualification for you to commence at
  • Security: All answers are saved in a password protected application ensuring no access by unauthorised parties