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Why studyfor a procurement/supply chain competence based qualification?

Studying for a competency based qualification does not mean you have to follow a set syllabus and feeling that some of the content may not be relevant to your needs.  Modern vocational qualifications allow you to invest in bespoke training - courses are made up from optional units so you can focus on the areas you need to improve on, the areas you want to learn more about and what areas are going to be most important to help your development. This helps in enabling you to focus on the specific training needs of either yourself or your staff to maximise productivity and allow you to measure the impact on business performance more effectively.

Does  a competence based qualification give me aneasier route to professional accreditation ?

No, it is NOT an easier route,just different.  Vocationalqualifications focus on your competence in the workplace and your ability towork towards a nationally recognised standard. Competency based qualifications areconcerned with how you use both knowledge and competence on a daily basis inthe workplace.  You will demonstrate thisby collating a portfolio of evidence gathered from every day work outputs.  Alternative routes to professionalaccreditation often rely on demonstration of knowledge only through a series ofexams.

How do the QCF levels compare with other well known qualifications?

See the diagram below which should help:


Will myassessor be able to answer my questions ?

Yes, as all our assessors areProcurement/Supply Chain Practitioners within their own right with a wealth ofknowledge and experience.  You will alsohave access to elearn2buy which will provideyou with essential knowledge of the procurement/supply chain process.

How long will it take to complete my programme?       

Normally it will take up to 12months to complete a competency based qualification.  Sometimes the programme duration may belonger if the student has any special requirements which have been identifiedat the Competency Profiling and Evaluation stage.  You will have the ongoing support of yourassessor throughout your programme who will keep you focussed on attaining yourqualification.

How do you decide which level of qualification is suitablefor me?

You willcomplete our tried and tested competency diagnostic tool, this will helpestablish a fundamental understanding of you, the student. This two partprocess involves completion of Qube-profiler - a multiple choice questionnaire whichwill look at your key commercial and technical competencies – this is deliveredonline via our web based Assessment Centre.  There will then be a structured interview withyour assessor and which focuses  on your keybehavioural competencies including evaluation of your job role/description andCV.

All information is then evaluated to identify the following outcomes:

Establish your strengths and weaknesses acrossthe supply chain process including benchmarking against national averages.

Common strengths and weaknesses across thedepartment where  there are a number of students in the same organisation

Confirm the most appropriate level at which youshould commence your work-based programme.

Identify any special needs or requirements youmay have withrespect to your work-based programme.

Identify those units which best reflect yourcurrent and future jobrole and which feed into the organisation’s objectivesfor you.

The above information will bepresented in report format and will be included in your Induction Pack.  There will then be an opportunity for you todiscuss with your assessor any training requirements and to mutually agree anassessment plan with target milestones for the completion of your programme.

What happens next?

You will havean Induction and agree an assessment plan with your assessor.  The induction is delivered in the form of aprofessional one to one discussion between you and the assessor and provides astep by step guide to the assessment process and will include advice andguidance on for example the structure of the qualification, portfolioconstruction, who the key players are in the assessment and verificationprocess etc, as well as to provide an introduction to the support resourcesoffered by Qube.$0$0Theassessor will discuss in detail the nominated units with yourself, detailinghow the units relate to you  within thecontext of your job role. The assessor will then mutually agree your individualAssessment Plan, clearly identifying key milestones for the completion of theunits which make up the qualification. The Assessment Plan will also include:

Evidence requirements.

Sources of evidence.

Method of assessment.

Working arrangements.

Target timescales

Our Induction has been developed insuch a way as to ensure that you get the best start possible to your programme.

Can I start my programme now?

Yes.  To begin your programme you will need tocomplete our Qube-profiler - amultiple choice questionnaire, consider how you will gather your evidence anddecide on a timescale that will fit in with your daily work commitments.

How do I sign up?

Pleasecomplete our Candidate Registration form and Service Level Agreement which areincluded in our brochure which is available on request by clicking this link:  

Request Brochure

Please printand fax to 0844 800 2397 or, alternatively, scan and email to

How can I found out more?

Please call 0844 800 2396 or email, alternatively, if you would like an informal discussion about the how thesecompetency based qualifications relate to you and your job role, please contact Stefan Thresh on 07736 284019.