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The development of the elearn2buy procurement material is part of our quest to lead the way in procurementsupply chain  education and development to fulfil our mission to be seen as the premier provider of competence development solutions within the commercial and procurement environment.

elearn2buy is a dedicated e-learning portal for the procurementsupply chain professional, it brings you the most interactive suite of e-learning modules available today.

What do the Modules cover?

This e-learning suite has been developed by some of the leading consultants in procurement training and education, it comprises 6 modules, each providing essential knowledge of a particular element of the supply chain process, these are:


Focuses on determining/forecasting requirements and developing specifications.


Provides an essential source of knowledge for anyone involved in analysing and evaluating supply market sectors.


Explores procurement strategy and how it feeds into the organisation's business planning and explains how to develop differentiated purchasing strategies.


A step-by-step guide to effective evaluation of your suppliers, showing you how to evaluate a suppliers capability and motivation in a more structured framework.


An essential guide to obtaining the right goods at the right time for the right price, through to how to construct and evaluate bias.


Covers all aspects of both contract and ongoing supplier performance management.

The suite has been designed with two distinct purposes in mind:

  • Firstly, as a 'stand-alone' application to which any procurement/supply chain professional may refer.
  • Secondly, as an essential source of underpinning knowledge for any student undertaking a Diploma in Procurement at Levels 3, 4, 5 or 6.

The overall aim of this e-learning portal is to provide:

  • comprehensive material with a level of interactivity not possible with professional text books.
  • bite size learning chunks from a central reference point which will provide you with a thorough understanding of the purchasing process.
  • the ability to drill down into diagrams and models to obtain more background information if required.
  • exercises to help you relate the content to your own job with further learning checks to cement your learning.


Viewing the Content

The elearn2buy courseware has been designed with clarity and ease of use in mind, it’s user friendly menu and display system enable direct access to the courseware content.
To view the content the student simply clicks on their chosen Module heading from the menu. The student will then be presented with a dropdown menu of all of the units for that module at which point they can then navigate around the various pages of content, exercises and diagrams.
Many of the pages and diagrams are interactive allowing you to drill down into the content, feel free ‘to play’ as much as you want to. In addition many pages have additional ‘pop-up’ pages designed to focus your attention on specific learning points. However Remember ! elearn2buy is designed to support the student through their procurement qualification it is NOT part of the qualification.