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New QCF Procurement Diploma Qualifications

Monday 29 September 2014

A new suite of QCF Procurement qualifications from Levels 3 to 6 are now available which replace the "old" NVQs in Supply Chain Management (SCM).   These new qualifications have been developed in consultation with various stakeholders including the relevant Sector Skills Council (Skills for Logistics) and Awarding Organisations, ABC Awards and Gateway Qualifications (formerly OCN Eastern Region):

Level 3 Diploma in Procurement and Supply (QCF) - QAN 60134203

Level 4 Diploma in Procurement (QCF) - QAN 601/3928/6

Level 5 Diploma in Procurement (QCF) - QAN 601/3929/8

Level 6 Diploma in Procurement (QCF) - QAN 601/4110/4

Qube's dedicated procurement portal is currently being updated so that all our students continue to have access to the latest web based tools and applications featuring Qube-profiler, elearn2buy, Qube-toolbox, Qube-studentforum and Qube-portfolio.

Click here for details of the New Procurement Qualifications

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