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'Managing Public Sector Procurement' - 6th December 2011

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Qube was one of the sponsors of the Public Service Events' second annual Managing Public Sector Procurement conference, which took place at The Barbican, London.  Attendees from Qube included, Stefan Thresh, Geoff Simpson and Mike Jones.  The event was attended by around 250 delegates from a wide variety of organisations involved in or interested in public procurement.


The conference was set against the background that public procurement amounts to some 50% of total public sector spend. Currently £230bn a year, it is thought that it could reach £300bn by 2015. This expenditure is a huge potential resource for investing in the UK economy, driving innovation and helping to boost economic growth. Its size makes it key to delivering quality public services and to ensuring that taxpayers' money is used most effectively and efficiently.

Despite much investment in initiatives going back almost 30 years, public sector procurement is still not managed as well as it could be. This is partly because of the diverse nature of the sector. For example, there remains inadequate knowledge of how much is spent overall, on what and with whom. The growing focus on spend data and analysis, prompted by the government's commitment to transparency and accountability, is delivering significant benefits.


There were nine distinguished speakers including the current CIPS President, David Smith, who talked about “getting the (procurement) profession to the top table”.  Delegates also learnt about new ways to save money through better procurement and new opportunities provided by the private sector including lean procurement, spend analysis, supplier engagement, innovation in public procurement and the latest on EU procurement directives.


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