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Qube Support VQ Day – 22nd June 2011

Thursday 7 April 2011


VQ day is led by Edge, the independant education foundation, in conjunction with the vocational qualifications community.

It was launched in 2008 and had grown into a UK wide event recognised in the education calendar with celebrations across the UK.

The message Edge would like to communicate is "Vocational qualifications (VQ's) have never been more important to the economy and the indivdual; they deliver the trained, talented employees, that businesses are crying out for, and ensure young people have the skills needed to succeed in education and work. The goverment is investing in vocational routes acknowledging their value. Now we want everyone to come together to recognise how high quality VQ's can enhance life and work chances"

The fourth Annual VQ day takes place on Wednesday 22nd June 2011 and will recognise the value of vocational qualifications and celebrate vocational acheievement.

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